Courses We Offer at GKIFS

There are three duration courses.

1.Long term course (with professional photo shoot) 

2. Mid term course 

3. Short term course 

All kinds of acting would be taught with practical training 

This is Geetha Krishna Film School special coaching with different conceptual film exercises. 

About Indian cinema and world cinema, all genres would be dealt.

This course covers

1. Dialogues writing skills 

2. Concept writing

3. Creative writing

4. Complete script techniques

and with a short film as a final exercise. 

There are three duration courses

Long term course

Mid term course &

Short term course 


Target audience 

Mass communication 

All kinds of film making courses are taught.
like promotional videos, corporate videos, ad commercials, documentary videos. 

We even teach How to establish advertising company and ad agencies. 

There are three duration courses

Long term course

Mid term course

Short term course 

Complete planning 

Complete scheduling 

Complete Finance management 

Production execution 

Location fixing 


From production to complete film making 

Censorship certification 

Releasing the movies 

Media management 

Guiding the producers 

All technicalities related to film pre Production duties 

Post Production duties 

This generation film techniques 

Pre production 

Post Production

CG computer graphics management 

Colour correction responsibilities

There are three duration courses

Long term

Mid term

Short term course

Acting course 

Screenplay and direction Course

  1. Two months duration courses 
  2. 30 days duration courses

For more Details about the Courses or the Fees, contact Geetha Krishna Film School.

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